Who knew.

Who knew…
Who knew that one day, I would actually want to let people watch me act.
Welcome to the home of Overactive Imagination Studios, basically the home of the films of Sean Newton and Sam Burns.
We are a small group of filmmakers, founded by Sam and I, based in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. We’ve been doing this for a few years now; taking the strange little men in our heads, and turning them into thoughts, which very quickly can turn into ideas, and from then on it’s pretty self-explanatory.
Who knew.
Who knew that anyone in Saskatchewan made films.
Well, hopefully, we’d like to offer you some trademark “Canadiana” in our films, ranging from murder mysteries to sketch comedy, and most places in between. If we were to throw simple genre out the window, our films are difficult to describe. They have a mood similar to Coen Brothers films, or Tarantino, or the great Wes Anderson. Hell, maybe even some Woody Allen thrown in for old times sake. They all carry a certain desperation and self-deprecation in their characters, as do we. Our stories are usually about how human beings react under any kind of pressure, eventually pushing themselves to the breaking point, and–
You get the idea. We have a habit of simply despising films like Avatar or 300 or the latest CGI orgy. These aren’t films, people! These movies are “The Suck”!(metaphorically of course)
Well, who knew.
We’re here to hopefully introduce you to something that you’ve never seen before. So, sit back, and enjoy.
Sean Newton



  1. Gentlemen: I wish you well with this new endeavor.

    I hope you will use the blogosphere to further enhance your growing reputation as “young film mavens we’d better keep our eyes on”. I look forward to delving further into your evolving body of work. Each succeeding project has shown a desire on your part to improve and develop as artists.

    All the best to you.

  2. Thanks for the comment; very kind words. Thanks much! We certainly are starting to notice how much we seem to be improving between films, having spent significant time on sound and lighting solutions(not to mention storyboarding) for the latest film. Hopefully it will turn out to be a fantastic reason for people to visit the blog, if nothing else.
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Love your blog and I look forward to reading, viewing and listening to more! It is great to see young film-makers and writers sharing their experiences and their work.

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