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Well, after 4 days of hard work, our film finally premieres tonight, at the Jasper Palisades Center. We have spent the entire week working on this film, and we both firmly believe it is the best thing we’ve done to date.
The film is about two strangers who meet at a correctional camp in Jasper, and decide that, being glow on cash, they should rob one of Jasper’s famous gift shops. The film starts as they return to they room at the camp, and hide-out, knowing that they will eventually get caught.
The plot was loosely modeled after Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs”, in the sense that it is essentially a heist gone wrong film. It is, however, essentially a comedy. Wes Anderson was a big influence, and we have recently become huge fans.

The film should be up here within a month, as we still have some things we would like to fix.


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  1. […] “Newton’s Cradle” that is smashing.  Look for it on YouTube–or over at their blog–one day soon (they’re going to give it a final tweak before releasing it).  Fantastic […]

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