Being new to the so-called blogosphere, I am of course new to the art of the post. It should, by my experience reading such things, be either one of two things. It should either relay information, such as a how-to article, or be a post which somehow relates to current events. These posts teach you something. The other type is the rambling type; a parade of opinions quite possibly about current events, but only in reference to how terribly misshapen our world is, and if only things were like the 1930’s when kids didn’t–
You get the point.

So, today, I thought I’d try something a bit different.
That’s right kids. It’s time for an autobiographical post, in the third person!
Today Sean was in Saskatoon. He was feeling refreshed, having taken the so-called “Secret Spy Route” to arrive there, paying with only a small chunk of the family car. It was a good day. But then they played a board game.
Now, readers, playing a board game is never a good experience. Especially when our protaganist is playing said board game with his three French cousins, hailing from Montreal!
Ah, but the board game was no simple board game either! It involved, simply put, aiming an orange, foam gun at family members to take their share of the monopoly money. Quite violent.

Sean can smell the distinct odor of revenge and retribution in the air.
So, after three practice rounds, the same cousin having won each time, we introduce a special card. After one character’s death, another may take his gun, and exact revenge upon those who deserve it. By chance, Sean’s second youngest cousin gets a second gun. And, not once, but THREE TIMES, points both guns square at Sean’s face, pausing only to perform a small victory dance in her head, after brutally and metaphorically murdering her cousin, who had not yet won a game(being lousy at board games, as he is).
Sean was rather annoyed, especially since he had not yet shot his cousin, and the same person ended up winning. AGAIN.
So, after the game, Sean yells at his cousin from across the room.
“Why didn’t you shoot the guy who had already won three games in a row?”
Her response was short, and to the point.
“Because I don’t like you.”


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