Of Things To Come (And other non-sensical rants)

As you may know, Sean and I are currently in the planning process of our latest cinematic adventure. If you didn’t know, well, I guess you do now. Anyway, pipe down, I’m trying to say something here.

So. “Of Things To Come.” Sounds a little… OMINOUS, doesn’t it? May as well have just called it “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” Jeez… Talk about big shoes to fill…

Well, regardless of over-sized footwear, back to the point: We are writing this thing, whether it wants to be written or not. We think it should turn out to be somewhat in the vein of Wes Anderson. Maybe. I’m not one for decisiveness. Probably a genetic thing… So, we should be having some late night writing sessions in order. Characters have been plotted, some cast picked out, crew being assembled, things are looking good.

GREAT, one might say.

Of course now our entire crew will decide to have a pick-nick the day before shooting and, spontaneously and quite simultaneously, be struck by lightning. Needless to say, Sean and I are in the process of designing head-mounted personal lightning rods. Look for it in your local Wal-Mart!

Or not.

Also, we have been scouting out possible film festivals Newton’s Cradle will legible for. Thank you, withoutabox.com. We have come up with quite a few, and hopefully will soon start shipping out our (metaphorical) baby. Not to mention the rather prominent, new and oh-so-cutting edge North Battleford Flick Fest. Not to mention that you can now watch our Newton’s Cradle under the films section of the site.

Funds are also being scraped together in hopes of purchasing a rather slick and shiny new camera. HD? Maybe. Mic input? Yes indeed. Good picture? Oh yeah. Where are we going to find this for under 506 billion dollars (Hyperbole for dramatic and/or humorous effect)? Who knows. But we’re hopeful.

Nevertheless, I better wrap this up before you all fall asleep next to your iPads, dusty books, turtle-necks and dying cats. So to end these shenanigans, I shall leave you with this strange and rather unrelated but kind of amusing quote:

“If you think you know enough
to know you know you’ve had enough.
And if you think you don’t you probably will.”   
— “March Into the Sea” Modest Mouse

After you recover from your migraine from reading this, I bid you “Good night, and good luck.”

Sam Burns.


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