Well folks…

Well folks, the busiest month of the year has passed. There have been some great highlights to it, of which I will probably speak of in the coming paragraphs, but other than writing and filmmaking, to the rest of North Battleford, it has been one cold, dark, dismal, grey, kill me NOW, seasonal affective disorder, blow my BRAINS out cold weather front after another. A dark and dreary November, perfect for filming zombie film.

Now, knowing Sam and I, you would know that we hate to not be working on something. Go long enough without filming, we say, and we’ll lose any sort of touch we have. Well, that was our motivation behind our last minute zombie film; we hadn’t made anything since Newton’s Cradle back in July, and figured it high time we get moving. So, we went out a zombie film as a special effects experiment, but put our own twist on the genre by doing probably the world’s first slapstick, silent, romance, comedy, zombie film in the biz(Henceforth known as a “silent rom-com-zom”).

Not to mention NaNoWriMo. I don’t think Sam nor I finished on time as we were supposed… However, we did both keep up with our goal of writing everyday, and we put together 50,000 words worth of re-edited screenplays, which we’ll put up here soon enough. Also, we’ve been doing a lot of writing for stage. We’ve been asked to write a play for our theatre group, and have just finished the effort tonight, so in some ways this is a celebratory post. The play is a sort of psychological investigation of one character, and a look into the creation/creator relationship. We were fascinated by the prospect of shadow screen, so they are used rather extensively… It should be neat to see. It will be extremely fun to watch when performed, somewhere in the spring. So, if you’re in town, drop by for a visit.

Any other news? Not really. If any of you are interested, a short list of things we’ve been watching lately: The West Wing, Sports Night, The Simpsons, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Glengarry Glen Ross, A Clockwork Orange, Highway 61, No, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and trust me, many, many, others.
So, I’ll leave you with this thought.
“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.”


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