Well. Ho. Ly. Shit.

Have I ever fallen off the metaphorical turnip truck.
It has nearly been three months since our last post, and really I have no excuse as to why this is. However, in those three months, many things have happened, so I suppose(as usual) we’ve been busy.
First of all, the obvious things. I renovated the site a little, meaning a lot, and it has a stylish new look to it. Give me some feedback, and basically I’ll change it around depending on what you say, if anything. Unfortunately, even though it looks brilliant, for now, the links to the pages(Writing, Films, and About us) will be at the bottom of the site for now, underneath the latest post.
Also, check out some new stuff I’ve put in the writing section; there is a copy of our play, the screenplays for a couple films, and details on writing projects to come.
We completed the writing and performance of our play “A Life of the Mind” written by Sam and I, and directed by Kali Weber. The play won the best visual production award at the regional festival, as well as garnering some acting awards for Sam and I, and one for Sam’s brother Liam who had a fantastic performance as the main character, Adam. The play will be up here as soon as I figure out exactly what needs to be done to give myself the illusion that if I post it, it will be illegal to steal.
As well, Sam and I have re-filmed Newton’s Cradle. Done in glorious black and white, with four channel surround sound, it is quite something to see. Look for it at the local film festival, May 12th at the North Battleford Library(1pm and 7pm showings). Also, as soon as I finish replacing the music by Rufus Wainwright and Radiohead with my own original compositions(something I am actually extremely nervous about), you can look for it at various youth film festivals around the globe.
Also… I you know of any “youth film festivals around the globe”, please, PLEASE, give us a shout as to where they may be.
Now… What have we been watching?
Can’t really speak for Sam here, although I know we’re both currently watching a fantastic show from AMC called Breaking Bad.

Basically, the show is about an extremely overqualified high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer, and therefore decides to cook crystal meth to supply his family(pregnant wife, and son with cerebral palsy) with money after he passes. Absolutely brilliant show, chock full of dark humour and some very cool shots. Also, the person who plays the main character(Bryan Cranston) has won an Emmy for his performace three years in a row. Needless to say, he’s very good.
Also, I finished up watching all 5 seasons of HBO’s The Wire, which, for those of you who haven’t heard of it, has been praised as “the best thing on broadcast television since the invention of the radio”. No kidding. Amazing sort of police procedural show centering on the Baltimore drug trade. There are two things which make this show sort of a landmark; the first is that it’s one of the first shows where almost all of the main characters are black. The second is that it highlights the story of the drug dealers just as much, if not more than the part of the police. It is a world of shades of gray; there is no definite right or wrong.

Ongoing projects: Not much. The writing of a short film centered around music is in the outlining stage, as well as the outlining of a feature film. I’m currently reading through the transcripts of Francois Truffaut’s interviews with Alfred Hitchcock, and they make me want to make a silent film in Hitchcockian style. So there’s that. Also, I’ve taken it upon myself to write a stage version of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. So I’m also a few scenes into that. I figured it would be a blast to do a table read of it with the right people, so it’s pretty much expressly for that purpose.
Anyway, as I usually do, I’ll end with a quote(from the Wire this time)
“Nobody wins. One team just loses more slowly.”
– Pryzbilewski


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