Tonic Water and Orange Juice

Well folks, after something like 2 months, the first draft of our mystery film is nearly complete.
As previously mentioned, it was written, and will be completed in 3 parts, with myself writing the first and 3 part, and Sam concentrating on the all important middle section. With part one finished, and parts two and three undergoing some light editing, both Sam and I are beginning to get a fuzzy feeling in our guts, this time not owing to botulism. As it stands, the script is about 70 pages, which will probably make each episode, as we’ve started calling them, about 30 minutes, with the first one being a wee bit shorter.

And now we come to the title of this post, named after the two featured beverages thus far in this film. I’m thinking we have a tendency to come up with these quirks about the ways our characters do thing in films, the best example being the Lite-Brite of Newton’s Cradle. Don’t particularily know why this was worthy of mentioning, but I found it an appropriate title for a post.
Now, with this script nearly finished and ready for read throughs, as die-hard followers(if there are such people) should know, with every film we do finish, comes one or two that never quite got out. So, with this, I’m putting up the script for the film that came before the mystery, a music mockumentary titled “The Diatomics”.

The script will be up on this post, as well as on the writing page. It’s nothing spectacular, although it is mildly giggle worthy, and featured some pretty damn weird lyrics. Inspired heavily by Hard Core Logo, a film by Bruce McDonald, the ending is also a tribute to that film. If it had panned out, I imagine it would have featured a lot of music by They Might Be Giants, I believe that’s what we were aiming for.

So, the next you’ll hear from me will hopefully be news(and maybe even video) of an awesome read through. Til another time,

The Diatomics


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  1. Best of luck with the new production.

    How I envy you guys–having someone to collaborate with on a project, brain storm, critique each others work, is invaluable to the creative process.

    Look forward to future updates.

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