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Hey there. Just thought I’d give a quick update, as I figured now that we have over 1000 views in a year and a bit, that I should feel compelled to update once per month.
We are now one week into filming our latest and greatest film, tentatively titled Point C. We have some very, very cool stuff lined up to show all you loyal visitors to this site, and hopefully you’ll see it up sometime in the next– Awe, screw it, we’ll put it up when we like, seeing as we’re rather horrible at keeping up with what we said would be up on this blog.
Although, on an interesting side note, we have decided on the score for our film. We will use all classical music, however, we will cover all of the pieces in a different style for scenes with each character. So far, thoughts have been on a techno version of Hall of the Mountain King, and a funk or jazz version of The Barber of Seville.
Send us any suggestions if you got ’em, we’re always interested to hear from you.
And, of course, if you’re a fantastic young musician looking to get some of his/her music in a film, we’re always there too.
So, it is goodbye for now, and we’ll try to keep you folks updated on how the shoot is going.


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