The New Year and What It Holds

Well folks, another 3 month break from blogging has happened. And I apologize, I know you thousands of dedicated readers were absolutely ITCHING to hear from us.
In all seriousness though, sorry about that.
We just recently wrapped up our performance of the comedia dell’arte play A Servant of Two Masters, to moderate amounts of giggles and success. Special thanks to our director, Brendan Wiklund; on the night of our last performance I finally realized the insane amounts of work that would have gone in to directing and staging that particular show. As well as it being incredibly difficult, he managed to pull it off very well. So thank you.
And, immediately after realizing how difficult directing a play must be, Sam and I stepped up to direct and write a play for this year’s regional drama festival.
Tentatively called Night Shift, it’s supposed to be a bit of an homage to Clerks and the strangely excellent nature of the people you work with at these jobs. At the stage the script is at right now, it’s still incredibly inappropriate and could never be performed by a high school drama club. But, it’s pretty goddamn funny. So, keep an eye out for that.
Sam and I are also working on a short film for the Yorkton Film Fest, seeing as they very recently added a high school category. Our film is tentatively named either “Previously” or “What If”; we really wanted to use the 6 minutes or less rules of the festival to play around a lot with time, so these titles promise to do just that. It should be a nice little exercise. We really wanted to use Sam’s new found talent for editing, so we’re looking to film something pretty cut intensive. We also wanted to use some original music, owing to the song writing binge I’ve been on recently. Promise it’ll be pretty cool.
Looking forward to showing off some pretty cool stuff within the next few months; it’s nice to be back at work. I’ll keep in touch.


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  1. Best of luck to Saskatchewan’s answer to Trey Parker & Matt Stone.

    Look forward to seeing what you lads have up your sleeves in 2012. Have a great year…

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