“Skills Canada Nationals: The Return” or “Well, at least we met Mike Holmes”

Well, Skills Canada, was… Needless to say, interesting. I purposely waited a while before writing this, as a didn’t want to sound overly aggressive, but still. The competition was, as they say in France, bullshit. We had to make a two to four minute commercial for a sponsor of their choice, and of how that sponsor makes a certain competition area possible, blah blah blah, in short: child labour and forced advertisement. Long story short, we got raped by commercialism. It had to happen at one time or another.

Also, our sponsor didn’t exist. So there’s that.

To get out of this, we basically made up what our sponsor did for our ever exciting area of Job Safety, and filmed it into a parody of the well known neo noire film, the Usual Suspects.

I’m working on getting a version of it a bit more fine tuned than the one we submitted, so you’ll all see it soon.

But for now, we are madly preparing for a show that our band, The Cunning Men, are playing this Friday at Relay for Life.

We had gotten the idea to start a funk band in February; myself and a friend saw a band called Absofunkinlutely play in Saskatoon, and decided that we wanted to be as cool as they were, so we started our band. It’s an absolute blast to play in the band, so if you happen to be out and about in North Battleford from 2:15 to 3 AM(as most people are), you should swing by the track and give the band a listen.
Well, that’s all for now folks, and once things slow down a bit,  you might even get to see the video, who knows.




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  1. There’s something decidedly CORPORATE about Skills Canada, all of that sponsorship money rendering the whole enterprise an exercise in boot-licking and superficiality.

    I wonder if any of the judges have seen some of the remarkable, bizarre commercials featured each year in those “Best of Cannes” compilations. The finest commercials from around the world…for many of them, you don’t even know what the bloody product is until a discreet logo appears at the end. Creativity and humor are the watchwords.

    I’d say “better luck next year, boys” but I doubt if anything will change by then. The suits are firmly in charge…

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