The Cunning Men

Let me tell you about our band.
We are called The Cunning Men. Our band consists of  Dylan Sylvester on the trumpet, Ainslie Milley on the tenor saxophone, Jean Vandermerwe singing lead vocals, Cole Knutson on keyboards, Sam on guitar, and myself on bass. We are a funk band. And we are playing this Saturday at 7PM for the opening of the new local arts magazine, Feed the Artist.

Anyway, now that the shameless self-promotion is done with, I figure I should just tell you guys a bit about this magazine; it’s pretty cool, some of the arts folk around North Battleford realized that we have a very high number of people in town who unashamedly call themselves “artists”(whatever that means), and we have no real representation or organzation community for these “artists” . So, the creation of the magazine.

For some more shameless self-promotion, Sam and I actually got interviewed for an article in this very magazine.

Yep. Sorry bout that.

Anyway, this Saturday, at the Chapel Gallery in North Battleford. There is a hip-hop band from Saskatoon known as Zen Shin are headlining the night, with The Cunning Men opening for them, so drop on by and enjoy the arts community in the Battlefords.

In relation with the arts community around here, it’s extremely nice to see that as we get older, the community of artists both on a personal level and a professional level is constantly expanding; we have a large number of semi-professional musicians, dancers, writers, dramatists, painters, sculpters, the list goes on, really. Not to mention the fact that Overactive Imagination Studios is, in my mind, finally fulfilling the goals with which is was created; of bringing together a group of like minded creative people to create film and music. For whatever reason, people are starting to get excited to be involved in projects that Sam and I are working on, and its great to finally have such a good group of people for that.
Anywho, til next time.



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  1. You have a good, diverse circle to work with, a variety of talents to draw from. The arts are getting downright COOL in our little community, aren’t they?

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