Long time no see.
As usual, we’ve been rather busy the past few weeks, doing assorted projects and things, but I guess I’ll update about that later. However, just a few housekeeping things here…
Firstly, over the next little while, I’m gonna be working on cleaning up the blog and adding a “Corporate” page or some shit like that; Sam and I do a lot of work for people who want a documentary made about something they’re doing, or for people who just want general videography stuff done, or even most recently, we’ve done some teaching. So we had someone tell us that we should make a corporate page so we can post all of the corporate work we do, kind of have an online portfolio. That should hopefully materialize soon-ish.
Second, you’ll notice that on the right side of the page is a Pay-Pal “Donate” button. Now, we are not hoping that some poor soul is stupid enough to hand us a bunch of money for no good reason. However, we have some very wonderful DVD copies of our newest film, Torched(see the Films page for details), and because of assorted copyrighted music stuff, we are basically asking that you donate something to the artists(however much you deem to be reasonable) and we’ll send you a copy of the film. The movie is a blast, and truly just a lot of fun, so please consider it.
AND of course, our upcoming projects. Sam and I are writing music for the NBCHS production of the Laramie Project (by Moises Kaufman); the play is basically about members of a theater company conducting interviews with the citizens of Laramie after the death of Mathew Sheppard. Sam and I are working on doing some nearly unrecognizable covers of assorted songs from the 90’s(Nirvana, Elliott Smith, etc.) along with some original stuff, and it should hopefully add quite a bit to the overall impact of the play.
We have also been hired by the City of North Battleford to create a documentary about North Battleford for the centennial, which we are celebrating in 2013. Along with this, we will be writing a play which looks at the many different perspectives of citizens in 1913, as North Battleford became a city. Getting hired for something like this almost makes us feel like professionals or something, its nuts.
Lastly, pre-production is underway on a one-off episode of a TV show that we’ve had in our heads for a while; we are going to be making a 22 minute pilot about a fictionalized North Battleford High School SRC. Tone wise, it should come out to a cross between the West Wing and Community, and because of the location of the SRC room within our school, we have given the project the temporary title of “The Tech Wing”.
Heads up for it in the coming weeks.
Anywho, I’ll try to get right back on the horse here, and update a bit more often as the projects are coming along.


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