About Us

Sam and I have been working collaboratively for almost 4 years now.


We started out making simple shorts, starting with A Day in the Life, a simple, silent, short, set to music. Showcases a few stylistic touches we’ve always been strong with, largely our careful selection of music. Still pretty enjoyable after all this time, actually.

We then moved on to a mock mystery film, The Mystery of the Mysterious Murder, which, by the title alone, requires no more explanation. We went through a stage of extreme Kids in the Hall influenced sketches, which sadly(right) have been lost.
That summer, we took our first attempt at the full filmmaking process. We began filming a short mystery film, with an intriguing script, which has continued to develop over a period of years. We have always had a strong interest in mystery films. “Intrigue” is our number one talent, we’ve decided.
We then started working with an idea for what started out as a zombie movie, became a zombie mystery, then zombie mystery romance, mystery romance, then simply a comic mystery. Filmed entirely in April 2010, this film was called How John Got Here, starring Aaron Hertes, Sam Burns, Sean Newton, Linnea Bargen, Jess Pearson, and Liam Burns, and our first film to use the entire filmmaking process. It won the viewer’s choice and panel’s choice awards at the local film festival.
We then retreated to a film camp in Jasper during the summer to shoot and edit Newton’s Cradle, a heist-gone-wrong film.

It was pretty badass.

Throughout 2011, we wrote. And wrote. And wrote. A zombie film about health food. A Woody Allen wannabe. And a pilot for a TV series about someone who lives with a bunch of people who think that they are reincarnations of famous people. It was amazingly fun to film, sadly the footage was lost in the great hard drive crash of February 2011.

Also, we wrote the one act play “A Life of the Mind”, which won the Saskatchewan Drama Association Playwriting Competition. Along with that, Sam and I both acted in the play we had had written, and both won acting “certificates of merit”(doesn’t that sound so special?).

In 2012, we wrote and directed our rather hilarious one act play, Nightshift, which is honestly the most fun I’ve had working on a project. We also participated in Skills Canada, winning a gold medal at provincials, and participating in the national competition, where we were assigned the project of making a 2-4 minute l0ng commercial for a sponsor of the competition. Being opposed to the whole “commercial whoremanship” we decided to instead make a 2-4 minute long parody of The Usual Suspects, which we figured would be so drastically different and excellent as to net us first or last place.

We finished proudly 11th out of 11.

Suck it, commercialism.

Finally, and most recently, we just finished filming and premiering our latest film, Torched, another unrelated adventure of Nick and Myles, previously seen in Newton’s Cradle. The film is a parody of vigilante or crime fighting movies, and is to this point, the most professional looking thing we’ve done. With that, if you want a DVD copy of it, let me know and I can send you a fancy DVD with all the special features and nerdgasm inducing features, like Micah Fedorchuk covering a Scwhinn bicycle in gasoline and torching it. Just use that big ol’ donate button on the side there and send me an e-mail.


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