The part of the blog where you will find all of our films, most recent at the top and further in the past as you scroll down. Enjoy.

Torched is our first longer format film in a while, and god, are we ever proud of it. It stars Sam and I reprising our roles as Nick Kennedy and Myles Woodrow of Newton’s Cradle fame. This time however, the focus is on fighting crime, as Nick seeks revenge against “the fucker who torched his Schwinn”. Until we replace all the music with self-written stuff, which is an ongoing process, the only way you can see it is by asking us nicely for a DVD, and we will totally send one to you. Just use the big ‘ol donation button on the right, and donate whatever you see fit, although if you live forever away, we’re gonna have to ask you to cover shipping…
Anywho, we can show you a few promotional items.

Torched – Theatrical Trailer

Behind the Scenes of Torched with Micah Fedorchuk

The video we filmed for Skills Saskatchewan 2012. This video won us the gold medal at that competition, and sent us to nationals. We adapted an Aaron Sorkin/Thomas Schlamme walk and talk to fit the model set out by Wes Anderson American Express commercials. Apparently it worked rather well.

Skills Saskatchewan 2012

A short film we shot for our Theory of Knowledge class, as an effort to show some deep epistemological issues, which, in reality, is a series of Conspiracy Keanu memes. Set to the Meters “Funky Miracle”.


Next, a mock experimental film we developed after we had seen some “experimental” films made by students at the U of R. They weren’t very experimental, nor did they make any sense anyways. As does this. Pretty groovin’ though. We’ve been told by Mr. Cliff Burns that the best part of this film is watching that fuck nuts run.

The Chair

Here’s our first effort of 2012, a kind of transition back into regular filming. It is a short mockumentary on mine and Sam’s creative processes. Music by Josh Woodward.

Introspection – A mockumentary

Newton’s Cradle is a comedy, heist gone wrong film. This was shot on location, in Jasper. The transfer was a bit rough, and the audio goes out of sync at a few points because of it.

Newton’s Cradle

AND THEN there is the wonderful remake of the film, with it’s own strengths and weaknesses, but all around, an improvement. Watch me now!

Newton’s Cradle – Remake

How John Got Here was really our first film. A neat little mystery, very dark, and occasionally funny. This was our first film to successfully incorporate a full production process, and it laid the groundwork for our next film.

How John Got Here



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  2. Just watched “How John Got Here”
    Quite enjoyable, nice plot, great twists, some excellent shots, fun dialogue and acting.
    Watch the shots with the light behind, need to fill in so you can see the faces, and the sound of “The Voice” hard to hear in the echoy room.
    Liked the editting, could’ve been sped up in places, but overall very smooth..had flow
    some of my favorite spots..”My grandmother hits harder”
    the basement torture scene and cutting the cheese! lol!
    The lead up to finding out John has been killed
    Checking out the house after the killer gardner has fled the scene
    I would love to see Newton’s cradle but no link here, if you put it up again let me know
    A very interesting little film, thanks!

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