The Cunning Men: Part 2

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

Just as a quick little note, I edited up our recording of the concert a few weeks back and got it up online. You can take a listen on the music page, or you can catch it right here. Indeed.

High tech.


Funk off.


The Cunning Men

Let me tell you about our band.
We are called The Cunning Men. Our band consists of  Dylan Sylvester on the trumpet, Ainslie Milley on the tenor saxophone, Jean Vandermerwe singing lead vocals, Cole Knutson on keyboards, Sam on guitar, and myself on bass. We are a funk band. And we are playing this Saturday at 7PM for the opening of the new local arts magazine, Feed the Artist.

Anyway, now that the shameless self-promotion is done with, I figure I should just tell you guys a bit about this magazine; it’s pretty cool, some of the arts folk around North Battleford realized that we have a very high number of people in town who unashamedly call themselves “artists”(whatever that means), and we have no real representation or organzation community for these “artists” . So, the creation of the magazine.

For some more shameless self-promotion, Sam and I actually got interviewed for an article in this very magazine.

Yep. Sorry bout that.

Anyway, this Saturday, at the Chapel Gallery in North Battleford. There is a hip-hop band from Saskatoon known as Zen Shin are headlining the night, with The Cunning Men opening for them, so drop on by and enjoy the arts community in the Battlefords.

In relation with the arts community around here, it’s extremely nice to see that as we get older, the community of artists both on a personal level and a professional level is constantly expanding; we have a large number of semi-professional musicians, dancers, writers, dramatists, painters, sculpters, the list goes on, really. Not to mention the fact that Overactive Imagination Studios is, in my mind, finally fulfilling the goals with which is was created; of bringing together a group of like minded creative people to create film and music. For whatever reason, people are starting to get excited to be involved in projects that Sam and I are working on, and its great to finally have such a good group of people for that.
Anywho, til next time.


“Skills Canada Nationals: The Return” or “Well, at least we met Mike Holmes”

Well, Skills Canada, was… Needless to say, interesting. I purposely waited a while before writing this, as a didn’t want to sound overly aggressive, but still. The competition was, as they say in France, bullshit. We had to make a two to four minute commercial for a sponsor of their choice, and of how that sponsor makes a certain competition area possible, blah blah blah, in short: child labour and forced advertisement. Long story short, we got raped by commercialism. It had to happen at one time or another.

Also, our sponsor didn’t exist. So there’s that.

To get out of this, we basically made up what our sponsor did for our ever exciting area of Job Safety, and filmed it into a parody of the well known neo noire film, the Usual Suspects.

I’m working on getting a version of it a bit more fine tuned than the one we submitted, so you’ll all see it soon.

But for now, we are madly preparing for a show that our band, The Cunning Men, are playing this Friday at Relay for Life.

We had gotten the idea to start a funk band in February; myself and a friend saw a band called Absofunkinlutely play in Saskatoon, and decided that we wanted to be as cool as they were, so we started our band. It’s an absolute blast to play in the band, so if you happen to be out and about in North Battleford from 2:15 to 3 AM(as most people are), you should swing by the track and give the band a listen.
Well, that’s all for now folks, and once things slow down a bit,  you might even get to see the video, who knows.




Yet another film shot to practice for Skills Canada. It was also a presentation for our theory of knowledge class, so we had to take on a difficult task: making a short with meaning or a thesis. Quite simply, this short is about the ad ignorantium fallacy; the ability of human beings to believe in something with literally 0 evidence to support it. Enjoy.

Skills Canada 2012

Hello folks.
Sam and I have just recently returned from the Skills Saskatchewan provincial competition for TV and Video Production with a dangling gold medal around our scrawny little necks. So, we are pleased now to be representing Team Saskatchewan at the national competition in Edmonton, Alberta this year.
That being said, this post will be quite brief. Our play is near completion, and we’re starting to run test audiences and such. Hopefully you’ll be able to read a script to the play up on here soon; we haven’t posted too much about it, but basically it’s(as the newspaper quoted it): “It is a comedy which seeks to glorify the teenage part-time job, and, with a parade of pop-culture references and self-referential humour, turns the piece into an ode to the night time, and the true self-realization which it can bring about.”
In short, it’s a blast to be able to write and direct a piece like this for regionals, not to mention to have the cast that we’ve been blessed with. If you’re free and in North Battleford Monday the 26th at 7:30, you should come and take a gander; a play written by Kay-Lynne Collier based on a short story on Creepy Pasta will also be performed that night; it’s very much the opposite of our show, and to my knowledge they compliment each other well.
So, Sam and I will be shooting even more the next 6 weeks to prepare ourselves for Nationals, not to mention that we’ll be experimenting with some fancy new equipment(Kudos to Mr. Wall).
Here’s the winning film, and til next time,

A Mock Experimental Film

A short mock experimental film that Sam and I shot. We had thought of doing the typical excercise of telling a story through completely non-dialogue means, but we decided to do so, but mock the excercise and a large number of experimental films by making our narrative not make any sense. It is either a fantastic opening to a longer film, or quite simply will leave you simply thinking one thing at the end.
“What the hell…? Is that all?”
Enjoy it.

New Film!

Hello there!
Sam and I just recently decided that we would start to make 1 short film per week in preparation for Skills Canada, which we attending in March. So, this was our first effort, finished in under 3 hours total work.
Sam and I basically play completely overdone versions of ourselves. When coming up with these characters, we had basically decided to take what the people in our English class thought of us, and amplify those characteristics 1000x.
Apparently they must really hate us.
Anyway, here it is.

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