Just for the funs, here is the script to our latest film, Torched. It is a part of the Nick and Myles series of films looking at all the different ways that movies represent crime, and this particular film focuses on vigilantism. I would personally suggest actually watching the film before reading the script, but ultimately it`s up to you. Enjoy.


Written almost exactly a year after our very first play came it`s follow-up, the comedy, Nightshift. Think Woody Allen crossed with Clerks with some Richard Linklater and general teenage angst, and lastly, the obligatory Sigmund Freud psychological groundwork. Generally speaking, a meandering look at the teenage summer job, and of the rather daunting question “What are you going to do with your life?”.  The play, which we also got the opportunity to direct, starred Micah Fedorchuk as Blake, Colton Hutchinson as Edgar, Charlotte Baxter-Smith  as Mary and Emily Jackson as Alex. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a project, and it shows in the script, which changed constantly when we were rehearsing, so really, the writing credit should be extended to our cast as well. Enjoy.


Also, up here now for the first time is our wonderful and fantastic one act play, A Life of the Mind. A very interesting little play, and as much as most people like to think that it’s about some absolutely incurable form of psychosis known as either schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, being a sociopath or simply being an asshole, really the play is largely about what goes into the creative process. So yeah, go crazy.

A Life of the Mind

Also here for public consumption, are our very first two scripts, the scripts for How John Got Here and Newton’s Cradle, which I believe to this day showcase our personal style and humour best. It’s been a long time since we made these, and reading them again, I realized that I would not change much about them, they’re flawed yet somehow charming.

You will notice that the ending for How John Got Here is significantly different than what is in the film; this is the ending we had originally written, but then we discovered our lead actress had a half hour to film and our villain couldn’t be there. Sacrifices were made. Sacrifices which, in my opinion, actually made the final product better than the script was.

Newton’s Cradle
How John Got Here


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